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The Circus ? | American cast, unexpected trick and orange tent

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 The Circus ? |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division


And when it comes to giving shows, everything seems to indicate that the Palace Tamer resorted to the trick of creating unexpected suspense and put together a tremendous show with Spain. Unexpectedly, when the issues on the table were the electrical reform, the electoral reform, the revocation of the mandate, the growing violence, inflation, the possible conflict of interest in which José Ramón López is involved – eldest son of the tamer – and even the worn-out issue of handling the pandemic in Mexico, a new dispute came out in the morning show: “put on pause” the relationship with Spain. Experts in international trade and economy were surprised because, according to Treasury figures, Spain was the second country with the most investments in Mexico during the decade from 2010 to 2020, above Canada, Japan and Germany, countries that complete the Top 5 partners Mexican commercials, something like asking to remove a safety net before a triple somersault. So surprising was that announcement that in the senatorial tent, the main morenista operator, Ricardo Monreal, did not validate or reject the position to only argue that there is “a tense, normal relationship, without breaking up.” Suspense music!

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