The chosen one fringed for sub-19

The chosen one fringed for sub-19

Olimpia opens on Saturday in the Closing Tournament and the “Emperor” Cáceres is outlining the eleven with the sub 19, which will be measured with Guaraní in the Forest of Para Uno.

The Dean has practically everything ready for his championship debut. For this first date, the coach of the Black Strip will not be able to count on Iván Torres and Sergio Otalvaro who ended up injured in the last game against Goianiense for the Copa Sudamericana. Their respective replacements would be Victor Salazar and Alan Paredes.

On the other hand, Cáceres rehearsed a soccer scheme implementing the sub 19, the player who would be fulfilling this function is Víctor “Animalito” Quintana, who coincidentally had debuted against Aborigine on the last date of the Apertura. Quintana would be accompanied by experienced team captain Richard Ortiz. In the other positions the base would be maintained.


Gaston Olveira,

Victor Salazar, Saul Salcedo, Mateo Gamarra, Alan Paredes,

Alejandro Silva, Victor Quintana, Richard Ortiz, Fernando Cardozo,

Derlis González and Guillermo Paiva.

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