Starting today, private car drivers can sign up to activate the fuel subsidy

Starting at 6:00 am this Thursday, July 14, owners of private vehicles can access the platform enabled by the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) to receive the benefit of fuel prices at $3.95 per gallon.

Drivers will be able to have this benefit for a period of three months, starting this Friday, July 15.

This is one of the measures announced by the Executive this week in an attempt to curb citizen protests, who demand firm responses to the constant increase in fuel prices, the high cost of living and corruption in the country.

The general administrator of the AIG, Luis Oliva, said in Telemetro Reporta that this process is not a registration, but an activation, similar to the one that is being used with selective and collective transport, since June 3 last. The only requirement is to have the review up to date.

According to Oliva, some 15,000 owners of private vehicles were activated in the first hour that the platform was enabled.

In the activation, the data of the owner of the car, its identification number, the license plate and the year of the vehicle are validated, in order to load the data into the system to speed up when they go to the fuel stations.

Oliva reiterated that all owners of private vehicles, without excluding the cost and year of the car, will benefit.

“There is no limit to the number of times they will be able to use it or a purchase limit, and it is important that citizens know it,” he added.

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