The Chicha de güiñapo Festival in Arequipa

The Chicha de güiñapo Festival in Arequipa

Maria Rodriguez Linaresowner of the traditional spicy Characato Aunt Mary, At 88 years old, she is one of the oldest exponents that still makes chicha de guiñapo in Arequipa.

Although due to his age his steps are not as agile as before, his hands still retain the skill and ability to not only prepare chicha, but also prepare the most requested dishes of Arequipa cuisine, such as thorn bush

The recipe for this drink has been passed down from generation to generation and the secret to making chicha is time and patience.

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must wait 20 days for black corn to germinate, Once it has roots, it is left to dry in the sun for 3 days, and then ground in a mill or fulling mill. After that, it is boiled for 3 hours and then removed and strained on a tablecloth.

The main ingredients to make chicha from Arequipa

It is then stored in chombas for 6 days, a little sugar is added and stirred. “The flavor is special, it doesn’t need anything else,” he added.

The call special chicha It has the same elaboration process, with the difference of replacing the black corn with cinnamon, cloves, anise, barley and quinoa.


the fences of 30 chili peppers they not only sold the delicious drink today, but also traditional dishes such as spicy and vegetable torrejas.

Arequipa still has picadoras that preserve gastronomy
Arequipa still has picadoras that preserve gastronomy

The coordinator of the Picantera Society of Arequipa, Miguel Barreda, recalled that precisely the origin of these restaurants is due to the old knickknacks that abounded in the city. “To accompany the drink, diners were served some spicy dishes”he indicated.

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