Capturan a ¨El chamo¨, vinculado a la muerte de la odontóloga Lyda Amell

Public Ministry will present coercion against dentist Lyda Amell involved in death

The District Public Ministry Nacional declared to be prepared for the knowledge of the request for a coercive measure against a man investigated for the death of the dentist Lyda Josefina Amell Bogaert, found dead in the back seat of your vehicle.

The criminal prosecution body requests preventive detention against the mechanic José Luis Fermín Díaz, alias El Chamo, who left the body of the victim abandoned in the car, on the avenue Express Quinto Centenario, then of the event that occurred on July 27.

Judge Juan Francisco Rodriguez Consoroof the Judicial Office of Attention Services Permanentpostponed for 10 august the audience for knowledge of the coercive measure, due to the absence of the detainee’s technical defense.

The litigating prosecutor Angie Castro Rijo represented the Public Ministry before the court, whose evidence, audiovisual, documentary, material and testimonial, compromise the responsibility of Fermín Díaz, who for two and a half hours was mobilized in the vehicle with the victim for different points of Greater Santo Domingo.

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The instance implemented by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National District establishes that the detainee strangled Bogaert with a rope and then, being approximately At 8:52 at night, he abandoned her on the Quinto Centenario Expressway, in the Villa Juana sector.

He narrates that the day of his death Bogaert left her house alone about at 5:00 in the afternoon, as seen in the videos of the security cameras. He traveled in his vehicle through several streets of the District National and at 6:22, in the vicinity of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, picked up Fermín Díaz, who was wearing an orange t-shirt and carrying a toolbox and a pressure gauge in his hands.

Based on the recordings of the 9-1-1 System cameras, the request for action instance indicates that the vehicle was seen at 6:56 next to the University of the Caribbeanon the 30 de Mayo highway, and then, at 7:08 p.m., it was traveling through Plaza Juan Barón, on George Washington Avenue.

The cameras record that at that time the investigated was driving. From then on, the man moved to Santo Domingo Este and then returned to the National District.

The investigations, which continue in development, indicate that during the tour of that night Fermin Diaz strangled Bogaert and that, after leaving her in the vehicle, at 8:52 at night, he walked through the Villa Juana sector, carrying his toolbox and the pressure gauge, without any other movement being observed around the car.

The Public ministry details that the aggressor then boarded a motoconcho and went to a hotel.

Fermín Díaz was arrested on August 2, during a raid based on a court order, carried out at his home, located in Villa Juana, where the authorities seized the clothing and the toolbox that the man was carrying during his displacement with the victim.

According to the preliminary autopsy report issued by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, the cause of death of Lyda Josefina Amell Bogaert was mechanical asphyxiation by strangulation.

Initially, the conduct of the investigated was qualified by the Public Ministry as homicide, a crime foreseen and sanctioned in articles 295 and 304 of the Dominican Penal Code.

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