The changes announced by Petro for the Solidarity Income program

The changes announced by Petro for the Solidarity Income program

The families were targeted since Solidarity Income began and have received amounts from $160,000. But the program as it is known will end to make way for a new politicalticaas President Petro said during a Unified Command Post in Cesar.

(Solidarity Income: women heads of household will be beneficiaries).

The president accused his predecessor, Iván Duque, of “not leaving the money” as long as the program persists in 2023.

It is worth remembering that the Solidarity Income subsidy was established by the pandemic crisis. Initially, the administration of former President Duque sought to help families “in conditions of poverty, extreme poverty and economic vulnerability.”

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So what changes are coming?

President Gustavo Petro announced changes in Solidarity Income, with transfers of 500,000 pesos but that will not be for all those who are receiving it. “Some will lose in it and I have to apologize, but money is not enough for everything,” he said.

“The Solidarity Income ends this December 31. We are going to transform it into what remains of the year in such a way that a single mother who is the head of a family, a mother of children, can receive 500,000 pesos a month,” explained the president.

According to Petro, the increase in the amount and the focus on mothers will help them get out of poverty, and “they can bring food to their sons and daughters, protecting them from malnutrition.”

(Batteries: September and October Solidarity Income payments begin).

He also assured that such a proposal “requires money”, but did not give details on the date of the transfer, the monthly payment, the registration of the mothers who are heads of households and the criteria for choosing the beneficiaries.

The president also did not say what will happen to the families that to date receive money transfers from the program.

Date of the last Solidarity Income payment

The last payment cycle, of this 2022, will be made in November.

Keep in mind that, for group A, if the household is for one person, the benefit is $420,000, for two, $440,000, for three, $480,000; and four or more, $520,000. For group B, they are $380,000, $396,000, $412,000, and $428,000, respectively.

To find out if you apply for this payment cycle, you must enter the web portal: and check with your ID number and other personal data. There you will be notified where you can withdraw the money.


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