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The Cat of Cuba is transferred to a camp for inmates

Havana Cuba.- The political prisoner Yoandi Montiel Hernández, known on social media as El Gato de Cuba, was transferred to the Toledo II inmate camp from the Valle Grande prison, where he had been for more than a year.

According to statements to CubaNet of his father, Lázaro Montiel, “on the afternoon of October 27 they took him out of the mountains and took him to Toledo II”, a labor prison near Wajay, in the Boyeros municipality.

“The child, thank God, is in good health right now and feels much better. Yesterday, Saturday, I went to Toledo and took him his toilet and his clothes because he had nothing there, because no one informed me about the transfer, not even my lawyer, who I do not know if he will have knowledge, “said the father of Yoandi Montiel, sentenced in last April to two years of deprivation of liberty.

In order to be transferred to a prison camp, where he can work and even receive passes, El Gato de Cuba was granted promotion to the minimum severity regimen, contemplated in the Regulations of the Cuban Penitentiary System; a benefit that has currently been denied to some political prisoners such as Luis Robles.

“For me it is very important that he is in Toledo II. I noticed it completely different from when I went to see him in Valle Grande. I want him to be calm, clear, to go to work there and earn his money in everything he has left (of the sentence), “said Lázaro Montiel.

According to the father of the Cuban youtuber, sentenced for the alleged crime of contempt, after the trial was carried out, the Prosecutor’s Office appealed for the sentence because he wanted more years, and “that ended his mind there in Valle Grande.”

“Everyone here knows that the Prosecutor’s Office exists but there is also State Security, which is not satisfied either and that already destroys a person’s mind,” lamented Lázaro Montiel.

Recently, María Hernández, mother of El Gato de Cuba, announced through a video published on her social networks that Yoandi Montiel could have received parole since August, but State Security blackmailed her son with not allow it until he makes a video asking Cubans not to go out to protest.

According to the influencer’s mother, he refused to accept the blackmail. “He is not one of those. That is blackmail and he stood firm and said no, that he was unjustly given two years and he is serving them, “she assured on that occasion.

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