"She carries Marisela Escobedo in her heart," says Sheinbaum in Cd. Juárez

“She carries Marisela Escobedo in her heart,” says Sheinbaum in Cd. Juárez

The president highlighted the reform known as ‘The aggressor leaves the house’ with which in cases of gender violence the permanence of women and their children in the home is protected, in accordance with the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence of Mexico City.

“Normally it is thought that women who experience violence at home should be removed and taken to a shelter, there are shelters and they are important, but women have the right to stay at home if they are attacked, with their children. That is why if it is denounced and a judge determines it, the one who leaves the house in the city is the aggressor, even above the right of property, regardless of who owns the property, the aggressor must leave the house, with precautionary measures and with detention,” he said.

Sheinbaum, who has already indicated that he is waiting for the Morena poll to participate in the candidacy for the presidency for 2024, also highlighted programs of his administration in Mexico City such as the Well-being Scholarship for Boys and Girls and Free Wi-Fi, as well as the Government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as the Pension for Older Adults and Young People Building the Future.

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