El llamado que hizo el exministro de Defensa Peña Antonio al salir del tribunal

The call made by the former Minister of Defense Peña Antonio when leaving the court

SANTO DOMINGO.- Ehe former Minister of Defense, Rafael Peña Antonio, made a call for the Dominican people to follow up and not allow Tucanoan planes to be damaged due to lack of spare parts or resources, to prevent drugs from continuing to arrive in the country.

He said that his effort was focused there to prevent so many drugs from entering the Dominican Republic.

In a moment of tears after hearing the acquittal of his case issued by the judges of the Third Collegiate Court of the National District, he expressed that the Tucanos have helped a lot to combat drug trafficking, which he considers to be a demon that flies and swims, for what should be paid close attention to, since it is worth nothing to have a beautiful country and that “cursed substance” that is harming the whole world continues to arrive.

The decision of judges Arlín Ventura Jiménez (president), Leticia Martínez Noboa and Milagros Mercedes Ramírez Cabrera declares retired Major General Pedro Rafael Peña Antonio, former Minister of Defense, not guilty; Colonel Carlos Piccini Núñez, former director of Special Projects of the Dominican Air Force (FAD), and businessman Daniel Aquino Hernández, as well as the firms 4D Business Group and Magycor.

When presenting its formal conclusions on May 3, the Public Ministry asked the court to impose 10 years in prison for Peña Antonio, Piccini Núñez and Aquino Hernández, for committing the crimes they were charged with. Likewise, it requested the payment of a fine consisting of US$7 million.

Also, against each of the companies requested the payment of a fine of 100 minimum wages.

La Pepca accused the group of violating several articles of the Dominican Penal Code, Law 448-06, on Bribery in Commerce and Investment, and

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