Congresswoman Tania Ramírez offers products on Tik Tok: "Couldn't you have other income?"

Congresswoman Tania Ramírez offers products on Tik Tok: “Couldn’t you have other income?”

The Popular Force congresswoman Tania Ramírez has not only published videos on Tik Tok dancing in her office in Parliament, but also uses this social network to promote various products such as handbags, backpacks, cosmetics and even pots.

The legislator elected by Cajamarca affirms that she does it to obtain more economic income. “You can do it, any girl sells products, I sell Oriflame”, he indicated on Channel N.

When asked if the congressman’s salary, which is 15,600 soles, is not enough, Ramírez asked: “If I have the salary of a congressman, I could not have other income, I say?”.

According to Tania Ramírez, she can share her work in Congress with her sales on Tik Tok, where her earnings, she said, are based on sales and she avoided giving an amount.

Earnings are based on sales, matching prizes and travel. I do not have to give that personal data (about your earnings)”, Said the legislators, who was uncomfortable with the dissemination in the media of their activities outside Congress.

Instead of releasing a Tik Tok of mine, they should release the conversations of President Pedro Castillo, the conversations of the ministers in the bribes, the corruption issues, that’s news, not the Tik Tok of a congresswoman. If you realize that publication I have taken it out at 12:40 at night, and let’s not talk about schedules because we congressmen are (work) 365 days a year, we do not have schedules”, he stated.

They will continue to see thousands more Tik Tok and I don’t see any problem in that they have to admire each other (of that)”, he added.

Ramírez gave these statements after participating in a decentralized session of the Education Commission of Congress in the Ica region.


Congresswoman Tania Ramírez sells handbags for Tik Tok: “Couldn’t she have other income?” (Source Channel N)

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