El Libro Negro del Comunismo

The Black Book of Communism

Havana Cuba. – The Black Book of Communismor it is about the terror established by that system and about the famines and failures of an ideology that spread like a plague through the four great continents until causing 100 million deaths.

The story it tells is long. It even goes back to 2006, when the Soviet socialist camp had already collapsed and the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council recognized that the crimes of totalitarian communist regimes varied according to culture, country and historical period, and included assassinations and executions, creation of concentration camps, deportations, torture, forced labor and other forms of collective physical terror. Also, persecution based on ethnic or religious arguments, the violation of freedom of conscience, thought, expression and the press, the suppression of political pluralism, among others.

Still, not only the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin believes that “the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a tragedy, because millions of people were left overnight in foreign lands”, but that almost half of the Russian population missed the USSR, according to a survey conducted by Levada Center in November from 2016.

The most interesting thing about this whole story is that the Communist Party of Cuba, led by Fidel and his brother Raúl Castro, rejected the European Council resolution, which they defined as “a maneuver” elaborated by “dark hands.”

I have The Black Book of Communism, a gift from a great friend. I am sure that Fidel Castro never had the strength to read it; neither have Raúl or the current ruler, Miguel Díaz-Canel. Nor has the National Library of Cuba acquired it for its users. Much less have journalists from the Cuban official media read it.

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