Takeover bid for BAC shares going at a good pace

Takeover bid for BAC shares going at a good pace

In the first four days of the takeover bid (takeover bid) of BAC Holding International (BHI) shareswhich is advanced by the Rendifin company, have received 444 acceptances for the operation so far and have made more than 521 million titles available to the financial company.

(Grupo Argos will not participate in the takeover bid for Sura and Nutresa).

It must be remembered that Rendifin, company related to Grupo Aval, but which is not part of it, offers to acquire at least 2,161,009,455 common shares and a maximum of 6,483,028,364 common shares.

(The Gilinski Group manages to keep 34.57% of Sura).

Yesterday there were 219 acceptances that made 118,706,373 shares available to the offeror, which represents 1.83% of the maximum percentage to be purchased and the accumulated number of 444 acceptances means that there are 521,100,660 papers available for the purchase operation and they represent 8.04% of the maximum percentage to buy.
Based on the 43,220,189,095 shares of BHI, circulating on the Colombian Stock Exchange, the participation of the securities willing to sell represent 1.21% of the company’s total.

Rendifin put to the consideration of the potential sellers of BHI shares pay them $293 each.

On the other hand, in the third bidr Nutresa that the Gilinski Group extended until May 16, yesterday 14 acceptances arrived with 773 shares and the accumulated total is 216 with 388,971 titles, which represent 0.71% of the maximum to be purchased. Compared to the total shares (457,755,869), the figure represents 0.08%.


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