The bidding process for the Magdalena River PPP will be expanded

The bidding process for the Magdalena River PPP will be expanded

The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) is informed this Friday that at the request of the different interested parties, the bidding process for the Magdalena River PPP will be expanded, the first fluvial initiative of the Bicentennial Concessions.

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On the other hand, he clarified that this additional time will not alter the fact that the PPP contract is awarded and signed before the government ends.

For the national government, it is essential to attend to the different requests from potential bidders and guarantee the necessary time for them to finish preparing their offers, in a project that will have estimated investments of $1.53 billion (capex and opex) and that seeks recovery of the navigability of the Magdalena River, with the intervention of 668 kilometers between Bocas de Ceniza (Barranquilla) and Barrancabermeja (Santander)”, the entity said in the statement.

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The closing of the process will be scheduled for June 16, in order to allow the bidders to finish preparing their offers. After this stage will give way to the adjudication of the process and signing of the contract.

The Magdalena River PPP has estimated investments of $1.53 billion distributed as follows: $0.45 billion in works (capex) and $1.08 billion in maintenance (opex). The project seeks the recovery of navigability with the intervention of 668 kilometers of river, between Bocas de Ceniza (Barranquilla) to Barrancabermeja (Santander).

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The project will have 18 functional units or sections and most of the works correspond to hydraulic infrastructure (shore protection, breakwater repair, submerged dikes, shore lining, moorings, among others). Likewise, dredging activities are contemplated, with which it is sought to guarantee service levels along the canal.

According to the structuring process, the pre-construction period for the Magdalena River PPP will be 13 months and the construction of 4.5 years. It is estimated that the concession will have a period of 15 years and 6 months.


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