The best of the week in Expansion.  Add more avocado to my flautas!

The best of the week in Expansion. Add more avocado to my flautas!

By the way, speaking of commitments with the SAT. We remind you of the importance of updating and presenting your tax certificate if you do not want to have problems with the payment of your fortnight . In these times of high inflation you cannot afford that luxury.

Don’t run out of fortnight!

Moving on to another topic. Remember that viral video of a woman who complains that Polanco is looking like Insurgentes Sur, after complaining about the setting up of a club in the area.

Polanco is not the neighborhood with the most surplus value

It turns out that the neighborhood where he lives or is it the one with the most surplus value in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office , since the throne belongs to Anahuac, according to the Federal Mortgage Society. I hope you don’t find out about this.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are dealing with Mexico City, the stitch of eliminating popular art in the street stalls of Cuauhtémoc did not have an innovative idea: the labels are gone, but they are immortalized on Instagram . Here we tell you the story.

The labels stay… on Instagram

We do not want to miss the moment to reflect on a painful case. The shooting in Texas, which ended the lives of 21 people, most of them minors, requires decisive action because we cannot repeat these tragedies.

Texas, at 18 you’re a kid for a beer, but an adult for carrying a gun

In a review of the case, it seems brutal to us that in that state, which borders the Mexican border, you can buy a gun at 18, but not a beer . May this text serve to raise awareness of an issue that cannot wait any longer.

We say goodbye on this occasion hoping that football lovers will enjoy an exciting game between those led by the Italian Carlo Ancelotti and the German Jürgen Klopp. Those of Madrid go for the orejona 14, while those of Liverpool for the seventh . Place your bets and may the best man win.

Benzema wants to make history

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