The assortment of gasoline in Mérida depends on a raffle with a bolillero

Through his Twitter account @jehysonhuzman, the governor of Mérida announced that the random assignment of license plate numbers for the service stations of four Merida municipalities is carried out daily through the use of a bolillero

After the first week of new fuel supply system established in four municipalities of the state of Mérida it was revealed that the random plate system that is published through the Instagram account @combustiblemerida is done through a raffle with a bolillero from the headquarters of the Merida State Police.

Images shared by the governor of the state of MéridaJehyson Guzmán, in the company of members of the State Police, the Integral Defense Operational Zones (ZODI) and the Fuel General Staff show the number selection process that is being registered digitally and later published on the Instagram platform for the knowledge of the merideños.

While the authorities carry out the raffle, the citizens experience the chaos that this generates in the streets of the city. On Monday, May 29, the first day of the implementation of the system, users located at the E/S Los Próceres, in the Libertador municipality, reported incidents from early hours with quota vendors reserving positions in the queue in exchange for dollars in cash. . “We had to beat them out,” said Jordano Martínez.

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At the Bella Vista service station, located in La Vuelta de Lola in the Libertador municipality, a vehicular accident was recorded after the license plate numbers assigned were known on Wednesday, May 31, when the cars parked in line since the day Previously they had to leave the place trying to arrive on time at the corresponding station on Avenida Las Américas.

Workers claim thatn none of the stations have the queues disappeared and that the confusion among the users is evident. “Many ask why only two numbers per station or why they are repeated, others do not know that they must bring a QR and they waste time,” said one of the employees, who preferred not to be identified.

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In this regard, the legislator before the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Mérida (Clebm) Rita Rojas (AD) affirms that she does not agree with this system and considers that this is not a well-studied proposal because it affects all citizens. “Each citizen has a function, just as there are doctors, there are also some who work with their vehicles and sometimes need to tank two or three times depending on where they are going and they no longer have that possibility,” she emphasized.

Rojas highlighted his concern for those people who do not have smartphones or that power failures do not allow them to enter Instagram to find out the schedule.

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