Ruth Arregui (i.) durante su posesión como Superintendenta de Bancos.

The Assembly adds impeachment to Superintendent of Banks

Pachakutik accuses Ruth Arregui of not controlling illegal collection of money and not protecting clients from computer fraud, among other charges.

This February 15, 2022, the Plenary of the National Assembly decided to call impeachment of the Superintendent of Banks, Ruth Arregui.

Assemblyman Darwin Pereira, from Pachakutik, was the one who presented the request to the Oversight Commission, whose members proposed that the process be archived. But the Plenary did not accept that recommendation and gave way to the process against Arregui, who, among other things, is accused of lack of control in the Big Money case, in which money was collected irregularly. She is also held responsible for failing to defend clients of financial institutions from computer fraud.

The president of the Commission, Fernando Villavicencio, said that in the Legislature there is a dilemma between “those who are with the bank and those who are with the people” and proposed calling the plenary session to Superintendent to explain your administration.

For his part, Ricardo Vanegas, assemblyman for Pachakutik, said that there are aggravating circumstances and accused Arregui of lack of control in the Isspol case in which the irregular management of investments of more than 900 million dollars from the Social Security of the Police is investigated. (DLH)


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