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The action of liberals who tried to enter the TSJE warehouse is worrying

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Basilisa Vázquez, a member of the PLRA Board of Directors, mentioned in an interview with Telefuturo that with great surprise they found out that the Liberal officials, Roberto Bentos and Héctor Hernando Heredia, went to the Electoral Justice warehouse.

“These two people, officials and members of the PLRA, showed up at the premises, but we don’t know with what intentions because the president of the Party did not notify us or call a board meeting for representatives or representatives to go. They tried to enter a place where the machines are at a time as sensitive as this, ”he said.

In this context, the liberal leader stated that her concern about what happened at the headquarters of the Electoral Justice last Thursday, the fire that, in addition to the destruction of some 7,700 electoral machines, claimed the life of an official who was a representative of the PLRA.

“We regret the loss of human life and again now we find this surprise, that these two people tried to enter the deposit, without knowing with what intentions,” he reiterated.

Along these lines, he maintained that thanks to the technicians of the TSJE, the simultaneous internal elections will take place on December 18.


The entrance The action of liberals who tried to enter the TSJE warehouse is worrying was first published in diary TODAY.

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