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Banco de la Nación warns about ‘vishing’, a form of financial fraud through telephone calls

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Banco de la Nación warns about 'vishing', a form of financial fraud through telephone calls

Reaffirming its commitment to the security of customers and users, the warning about the various forms of . Telephone calls to citizens have been detected, in which a person pretends to be a bank worker informing about the blocking of their credit or debit card or other financial procedures, for which the data of the same is urgently required to resolve the impasse. It is there when they ask for the card number, expiration date and the security code (CVV or CVC). Sensitive information that is never requested by our entity, because it is sensitive and private information.

This type of calls is known as vishing, they are more and more frequent than we think, so we must be prepared to be able to identify them and avoid being scammed by an unscrupulous person who manages to access our data. On some occasions, they even request deposits or money transfers in exchange for being creditors of some benefit or right.

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Sophisticated vishing combines several social engineering techniques such as spoofing, which is the impersonation of the telephone that may appear with the name of the bank or personnel who pose as an official of the financial institution, so the name and number you see could be false.

In this regard, the Banco de la Nación warns that before unexpected calls from your bank, in which they request sensitive data such as those mentioned above, immediately suspect. Remember the BN will never ask you for these confidential data over the phone.

How to avoid vishing or phone scam?:

Here are some security recommendations to avoid cyberattacks and protect your computers:

  • Be suspicious if you receive a call from a well-known service that you don’t expect, especially if they ask you to urgently provide them with your bank details. If you receive a call supposedly from Banco de la Nación, contact us immediately at the number 519-2000 extension 93120.
  • Never reveal sensitive information such as your credentials and confidential information by email, SMS or any other channel.
  • Be careful with excessively good offers, promotions, benefits and money refunds that you have not requested, first check with these entities through their official channels.

At all times remain calm, do not follow the instructions of cyber criminals, it is preferable to interrupt communication and contact your bank, report what happened and report the number from which you received the call. If you had provided your data, check immediately if there were movements in your account and immediately block your cards and financial products.


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