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Cibao FC advances for the fifth time to the final of the LDF

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Cibao FC advances for the fifth time to the final of the LDF

MOCHA.- Cibao FC advanced to its fifth final of the Dominican Soccer League, drawing 1-1 against Moca FC, in a match held on Saturday night, at the Moca 85 municipal stadium.

The 1-1 draw in the second leg and the 1-0 victory in the first leg, gave Cibao FC a 2-1 aggregate.

The Mocanos once again fell short, in their attempts to advance to their first final in the LDF.

With their passage to the final, Cibao FC will face the winner of the match that they will play this Sunday at the Félix Sánchez stadium, the clubs Atlético Vega Real and Pantoja, who won the first 1-4.

The aurinegros turned on the red light at minute 10 with a dangerous arrival from Julio Rosario, but Miguel Lloyd read the route correctly and kept the ball, drowning out the goal cry.

In the 80th minute, goalkeeper Odális Báez was sent off with a red card for a strong blow to Juan David Díaz, who was taken out on a stretcher, leaving the locals with 10 players on the field.

The Venezuelan leader Jean Carlos Güell sacrificed Chala to use Encarnación as goalkeeper, while Díaz could not return and was replaced by Cristian Alba.

Cibao’s first warning came at minute 20, with the traffic congested by players, Charles Herold hit a shoe on which Odális Báez sailed like a feline and frustrated the intention.

But the joy of the locals would fade in the 21st minute, when Julio César Murillo headed with precision and deposited the ball in the back of the net for 0-1.

We didn’t have to wait long and in the 24th minute, with a set piece, Armando Vargas placed the ball in the center and the top scorer of the League, Gustavo Ascona with a header, blew up the stands for 1-1.

Without further ado, the first 45 minutes plus 2 ended and both eleventh went to the dressing rooms evenly.

Cibao FC moved the bench in the 63rd minute when Erick Japa and Dariel Rosario entered and Carlos Ventura and Diefry Mensú left. Alfonso also brought in Carlos Heredia to defend the 2-1 aggregate lead.

The Argentine Jorge Alfonso entrusted the care of the orange goal to the outstanding goalkeeper Miguel Lloyd, who had his friend Odális Báez, goalkeeper of the Mocanos, at the other end.

He completed the starting eleventh with Ismael “Pinta” Díaz, Oscar Florencio, Julio César Murillo, Dairin González, Juan David Díaz, Lihué Prichoda, Welkin Luis, Diefry Mensú, Carlos Ventura and Charles Herold Jr.


Prior to the meeting, a tribute was paid to the agronomist and agricultural businessman Serafín Taveras López, who passed away last week.

Taveras López was one of the financial supporters of Moca FC, receiving from his relatives a team shirt with his name, which they thanked with emotional words.

To kick off the match, a son of Serafín Taveras López was invited to take the kick-off

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