The 11 reasons for the complaint against the State to suspend vaccination in children

Lawyer Maximilian Dentone, the same one who defended legislator César Vega when he accused journalists of defamation, demanded the “suspension of vaccination against covid-19 in children.” He did it last week by means of an appeal for amparo — alleging that there are fundamental rights at stake and that the State “carries out a real experiment, taking children as ‘lab mice’”—and the Contentious-Administrative Judge has already set a hearing for next Wednesday morning.

The Justice intimated to government and to the lab Pfizer to present “within 48 hours” information on anti-covid-19 vaccines, including the contracts by which he acquired the doses that were once confidential.

What arguments did lawyer Dentone give to convince Judge Alejandro Recarey to request the information? These are the 11 reasons that appear in the letter to which he agreed The Observeras they were written by the complainant:

1) The supposed virus that would generate the pathology called Covid-19 is not biologically isolated, cultured and sequenced, on the contrary, it is a computer procedure, that is, its existence is digital, and therefore its biological existence could not be proven. .

two) The therapeutic and surveillance committee of the Uruguayan Society of Pediatrics, based on the fact that the safety of the vaccine is not duly accredited, advises against its use.

3) The substances that are inoculated are not authorized by the FDA (United States drug agency), they are used based on a US military law that allows their emergency approval.

4) In Uruguay, the decree that established the health emergency, 93/2020, has been annulled by decree 106/2022.

5) The entire vaccination policy deployed by the Executive Branch was in violation of the provisions of articles 63 and 64 of the Medical Ethics Law: vaccination has been carried out without informed medical consent, conduct that violates freedom, dignity and human rights.

6) Doctors and health authorities do not know the content of the substances they are inoculating.

7) The contract for the acquisition of the substances and the pharmaceutical oligopoly is secret, access has been denied to the population, and it has transpired that it contains clauses of indemnity and impunity in the face of possible adverse effects.

8) All laboratory documentation regarding vaccines is secret.

9) Only through the ruling of the North American Judge Marc Pitman, who forced the FDA to declassify and release the Pfizer documents referring to the Covid-19 vaccines, was it known that they can cause more than 1,291 adverse effects.

10) The Ministry of Public Health has so far refused to give the figures of deaths from the vaccine. At the level of the countries that have vaccinated the most, the number of deaths due to adverse effects of vaccines has multiplied.

eleven) According to the report by Professor Campra of the University of Almería, the substances that are inoculated would contain graphene oxide and foreign nanotechnological material. The substances would contain messenger RNA whose incidence in the human genome is unknown.

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