Oil processing at the Amuay refinery remains paralyzed after blackout

Oil processing at the Amuay refinery remains paralyzed after blackout

According to information said by people with knowledge on the subject, the electrical service has already been restored, but the interruption of oil processing has not yet been solved.

On the night of this Saturday, July 2, a blackout was recorded at the Amuay refinery, which is part of the Paraguaná Refining Complex (CRP), in Falcón state, and also affected homes in the oil park, which are located in the Judibana and Campo Médico urbanizations, five sources familiar with the oil sector confirmed to Reuters.

Amuay is the only refining center of the CRP that continued to produce gasoline, since the second largest in the country, Cardón, stopped their activities because they are doing repair activities of a reformer.

“The blackout at the Amuay refinery. An electrical problem. Total blackout. In Amuay, the distillation and catalytic plants, which currently produce about 80% of the country’s gasoline, could be affected,” one of the sources told the news agency on condition of anonymity.

Also, according to El Pitazo, the reasons that caused the electrical failure in the plant, which is the largest in Venezuela, with a capacity to process 645,000 barrels per day, are unknown; but since June 29, several communities have reported being without electricity for up to 48 hours, in addition to daily electrical fluctuations.

The problems arose from a failure in the power plant that supplies power to both refineries but that affects Amuay more, one of the people said. While power has been restored, the processing outage has not been fixed, the source added.

In addition, according to reports shared by users on social networks, other nearby communities that depend on refinery generation for electricity supply were also affected.

The CRP it is located on the northwest coast of Venezuela and is operating well below its processing capacity, which is 955,000 barrels of oil per day.

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