TEPJF will analyze a project to validate the election for the governorship of Tamaulipas

TEPJF will analyze a project to validate the election for the governorship of Tamaulipas

The Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) will analyze this Wednesday a project that seeks to validate the election for the governorship of Tamaulipas by dismissing the allegations of crime infiltration, and confirming the declaration of validity and the issuance of the majority certificate in favor of Americo Villarreal de Morena.

Judge José Luis Vargas will present a project in which he proposes to declare the election valid, and dismiss the arguments of the BREADwhich argued that the Gulf Cartel intervened in the electoral process to benefit Brunette Y Villarreal.

Judge Vargas considered that there are no minimal indicative elements to ensure that the Gulf Cartel or an armed wing has participated in the contest, since they are “mere assumptions” of the complainant based on journalistic notes and publications on social networks.

Vargas Valdez proposed in his project that the BREAD neither was it able to prove that there was illicit financing in Villarreal’s campaign, nor was it an undue interference by public officials to coerce the citizen’s vote.

The magistrate of the Court, Felipe de la Mata Pizaña, denied having received pressure, invitation or coercion from any other magistrate to cast his vote in favor of validating the election to the governorship of Tamaulipas.

In case of confirming the validation of that election, the brunette Americo Villarreal He will protest as Governor before the Congress of Tamaulipas on October 1.

Surprisingly, Villarreal returned yesterday to his seat in the Senate of the Republic due to his fear of possible arrest as part of a complaint against him for alleged links to organized crime. However, at the time the Attorney General of Justice of Tamaulipas argued that there is no investigation against the elected governor of the state.

For their part and separately, the lawyer Javier Coello and the PAN members Javier Lozano and Roberto Gil Zuarth, denied being part of a team to “defame” Villarreal.

The former candidate of BREAD the government of Tamaulipas, César “Truko” Verástegui, described as irrational that Américo Villarreal has returned to the Senate to obtain constitutional jurisdiction, since he said that the Magna Carta itself grants him that quality from the moment he was appointed governor-elect.

In the same sense, legal specialists considered that despite having a license, any senator maintains constitutional jurisdiction, and this has been supported by various criteria of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.


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