Entire Cuba without electricity

According to the Electric Union (EU), at the moment the National Electric System (SEN) has an “exceptional condition of 0 electricity generation”, that is, the whole of Cuba is without electricity.

A note from the entity states that the problem is associated with weather conditions that have affected the SEN infrastructure. The fault is given, they maintain, in the western, central and eastern links.

The electrical system will be established gradually between tonight and early tomorrow morning, they assured.

For his part, the technical director of the Electric Union, Lázaro Guerra Hernández, said that the system was working in a complex condition after the passage of Hurricane Ian, which left four affected provinces without service.

Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

This caused a relatively high power load for the eastern zone and caused a failure in the three links of the lines; between Matanzas and Guiteras and Matanzas and Cotorro. The low level of cargo in the western zone has sown a phenomenon of instability, I assert.

The frequency rose to very high values: “there was a lot of generation and very little load, and in the eastern zone the opposite occurred. This contradiction divided the electrical system and subsequently caused its total collapse, “he maintained.

The EU assures that it was working on the restoration of the system, but that it is a process that takes time due to the precision it demands. And that should be done gradually and progressively. It must be guaranteed that thermoelectric plants can be reached with sufficient voltage to start them up.

Added to the western zone, Guerra concluded, is the fact that there is a group of transmission lines damaged by the passage of Ian, so that getting the current to the thermoelectric plants in this territory becomes more difficult.

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