TEPJF: In the "traitors to the homeland" campaign there was political violence

TEPJF: In the “traitors to the homeland” campaign there was political violence

The sentence was issued after analyzing an appeal promoted by federal deputies of Movimiento Ciudadano and after complying with a decision of the Superior Chamber in which it was ordered to analyze the merits of the matter.

In addition, it was agreed to give a hearing to the Congress of Mexico City and the Chamber of Deputies to determine what is appropriate in the case of Sheinbaum and Mier, but not in the case of López Obrador, since he does not have a hierarchical superior who could set sanctions.

With the resolution, a novel criterion was generated by establishing a first case of political and institutional violence, since until now only cases of political violence based on gender had been accredited.

In this case of the accusations of the officials for alleged treason “there is a violation of the political rights of the complainants”, the session concluded with two votes to one, by magistrate Luis Espíndola, who presented the original project, which proposed declare political and institutional violence “non-existent”, but it was rejected.

Slander is an infraction, it has already been sanctioned, but in this case “there is no hate language, there is no incitement to violence or to commit a crime,” Espíndola said. If there is, it is political violence, the opposite is debate, she explained.

Political or institutional violence is only accredited when it is aimed at injuring democratic values ​​such as equality, pluralism, tolerance, freedom and respect or when an attempt was made to hinder or exercise violence.

But the opinions of the designated officials are typical of political deliberation, in the opinion of magistrate Espíndola.

And they continue sanctions for revocation

The plenary session of the Specialized Chamber resolved appeals promoted by Morena against the governments of the mayoralties Miguel Hidalgo and Álvaro Obregón, who heads the opposition, which were accused of allegedly disseminating government propaganda related to the delivery of social programs in a period not allowed within the framework of the mandate revocation process, personalized promotion and improper use of public resources.

The magistrates confirmed that government propaganda was disseminated during a prohibited period, which violated the principles of impartiality and neutrality, attributable to the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo Mauricio Tabe and the mayor of Álvaro Obregón, Lía Limón.

In the case of Ángel Nina Paulette Gurdié Pantoja, administrator of Miguel Hidalgo’s social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook), it was determined that she had misused public resources.

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