Tender for the Callao Outpost is postponed again due to comments from a Chinese company, reported Asppor

Tender for the Callao Outpost is postponed again due to comments from a Chinese company, reported Asppor

As the Peruvian Association of Port Operators (), the Public Tender No. 003-2021-MTC/10-1 of the Anteport of the announced for May 25, is postponed until June.

The union points out that the process was carried out even though the public contracting law prevented the MTC from doing so, because it had previously canceled the process and according to the OSCE, it cannot be reactivated within the same budget year.

This time, the reason for the postponement responds to more than 200 queries sent to the SEACE system and comments from the China Civil Engineering company, which is not participating in the tender.

And as it appears in said portal, the new presentation of offers will be on June 16; the evaluation and qualification of offers on June 17; and the granting of the good pro on June 21.

In this sense, Asppor reported that the committee responsible for the tender has decided to postpone the presentation of proposals until June 16 to “obtain and gather the greatest number of possible bidders” and thus generate “a climate of competitiveness that leads to a contracting under the best technical conditions”.

modus operandi

However, according to the union, 203 queries and 29 observations have already been received in this latest tender, “an extremely worrying situation, since one of the reasons for the postponements in both tenders has been the deficiency in the formulation of the technical documents, which generate cost overruns”explained Favio León Lecca, president of the guild.

A) Yes, “It is possible to demonstrate once again the poor formulation of the technical documents for the Anteport Project, since in the previous tender there were also postponements due to technical deficiencies in the documents of the public investment project,” he said. León stressed that “these events generate a serious economic impact on the State, since it forces it to incur in overspending to correct the initial deficiencies of a selection process that was carried out with documents that presented inconsistencies and that were not prepared with due foresight” .

It should be remembered that Public Tender No. 001-2021-MTC/10-1, had up to 11 postponements at different stages of its development, a process that, as is known, was canceled by the MTC due to “changes on the ground” of the construction site.

For all these reasons, the president of Asppor asked the Comptroller, Parliament and judicial authorities to be aware of whether “perhaps this process is also part of acts linked to recent revelations about the modus operandi of some MTC officials and what are the parameters that is applied to bid in contravention of the contracting law; especially with a project that, in addition to being onerous and useless, will not solve the congestion in the accesses to the first port”.


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