Programa de asfaltado del Gran Santo Domingo supera los 6 mil millones de pesos

Asphalting program for Greater Santo Domingo exceeds 6 billion pesos

The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, supervised this weekend the work of the Asphalting and Resurfacing Plan in the streets of the Ensanche Luperón sector of the capital, whose budget for the National District and the province of Santo Domingo exceeds one billion of weights.

The official said that the MOPC, in coordination with the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, is also working on a broad repair and reconstruction program for sidewalks and curbs, which will allow all these places to be reconditioned in a reasonable time.

“This is the continuity of a whole program that we have been executing throughout the country, today we are here in the National District, specifically in Ensanche Luperón, which corresponds to constituency number 3, from the electoral point of view of this demarcation. , supervising the works that are being developed in this area”.

He explained that in other parts of the District and Greater Santo Domingo they are working, “this area in which we are is a combination of technical potholes in the critical points, in other cases the asphalting of entire streets where they demand.”

He added that this is part of the programming executed by the Ministry of Public Works where the 31 workshops in the country and in the National District intervene with different workshops.

“In the next few weeks we will begin a fairly extensive program for the construction of sidewalks and containers that will take us to all the districts and municipalities of the country.

It is an intrusion by President Luis Abinader, that in one year we solve the needs for sidewalks and curbs and, in terms of asphalt we can make significant progress in places that have never had asphalt due to the lack of sidewalks and curbs, and in others, that, due to the deterioration of time, it had not been applied and an intervention was already warranted”.

Among the streets that are being intervened in the Luperón expansion are: 16-North, 35-West, Henri Segarra, 14-West, 29-A, Josefa Brea, 19-A and 31-West.

The neighborhoods that have been intervened by the government through the MOPC are Luperón, Ensanche Espaillat, 27 de Febrero, Villa María, María Auxiliadora, Pantoja, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Norte and Oeste, among other sectors of the Greater Santo Sunday.

The community speaks

Samuel Mojica, who is a representative of the neighborhood council of the Nicolás de Ovando sector, thanked Minister Ascensión for taking into account the Ensanche Luperón neighborhood.
“The residents of the Luperón expansion are very satisfied and happy with this initiative,” said Mojica.

Ricardo Durán, a community member who lives in the sector, said that for more than 20 years the residents of the area have been waiting for the streets to be paved.

“It seems very good to me, it was a neighborhood need, we had been waiting for this for many years, I really congratulate the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención for your work, congratulations to the president also for the work he is doing in the neighborhoods,” he said Duran.

Ariel Mojica, a resident of the sector, said that the asphalt work carried out by the government of President Luis Abinader through the Ministry of Public Works is excellent, since they come to solve problems that were years old.

“It was very necessary, for years we needed to fix the streets, both here on the corner and a little more for now, everything was needed for a long time, now it is excellent and from Padre Castellanos (former 17) they are going to reach the back there, it’s going to be wonderful,” he explained.

Francis Jiménez, who is a motoconchista in the sector, thanked President Luis Abinader for the work carried out in that sector.
“That’s fine, because there were a lot of holes in the streets.”

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