Tekashi 6ix9ine returned to Cuba to record a music video with singer Lenier Mesa

MIAMI, United States. – The American rapper of Mexican origin Tekashi 6ix9ine traveled to Cuba last weekend to record part of the video clip of a song that he interprets together with the Cuban singer Lenier Mesa and that has not yet been released, according to exclusive statements by the director of the project. , Pepe Salom, to Cuban newspaper.

“Tekashi came to record a video clip for a song that [interpreta] together [a] lenier. Part of the video was recorded here in Cuba and the rest in the US The song has a possible name ‘Leyenda Viva’. It is a video based on real events, the story of a Cuban born in Pinar del Río from a humble family,” said Salom.

Before confirming that Tekashi 6ix9ine was in Cuba to record the video clip of yore, it emerged on social networks that the rapper was in Pinar del Río. The anonymous Instagram account “Un Martí to’ Durako” even published a photo of Salom with Tekashi, presumably taken in Pinar del Río.

Tekashi 6ix9ine in Pinar del Río (Photos: 6IX9INE.QX/IG)

“The video will show what life is like for a Cuban born in the countryside. Two days we lived with a peasant family to live the experience firsthand. Tekashi worked the land and did field chores for hours, of his own free will, to be inspired and feel like his work. And thus achieve more realistic images, ”he told Cuban newspaper the audiovisual producer.

Salom also confirmed that Tekashi was no longer in Cuba. “I arrive on Saturday. He was first in Havana, at the Hotel Nacional, to leave early the next day for Pinar del Río. Yesterday [martes] at 6:00 in the afternoon he took a flight to the US,” he explained.

Last February, on his first known trip to Cuba, The rapper sparked controversy for allegedly throwing dollars at a crowd gathered outside the Packard Hotel, where he was staying. Although initially official media pointed him out as the perpetrator of the act and they harshly criticized himshortly after the Ministry of Tourism clarified that the rapper had not participated in the events attributed to him.

On that occasion, Tekashi’s journey did not end in Havana. The account “un_martitodurako8_live_oficial” published videos of the rapper in remedies and Santa Clarain the center of the island.

Throughout his vacations in Cuba, official media, social network profiles attributed to State Security and even the Ministry of Tourism alluded to the rapper and the controversies that involved him.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernández, is a controversial New York rapper who has served time in prison and has been charged for the aggressive content of his songs.

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