Technology allows to protect the transport of cargo on the road

Vehicles that transport merchandise from Panama to other Central American countries have become an increasingly attractive target for criminals. One of the most notorious cases was a truck found in El Salvador, from Panama, with merchandise valued at more than $ 150,000 dollars.

Companies that provide logistics services must take preventive measures into account in order to ensure the safest possible transport.

Technology and security

Luis Diego Trejos, general manager of Detektor, assures that the technology allows logistics companies to keep cargo safe and safeguard the integrity of drivers, while helping in the fight against the crime of robbery on the roads.

Companies such as Detektor provide satellite monitoring and collaborate with law enforcement agencies. With the GPS system and other technologies associated with tracking, it is possible to trace the route made by the stolen unit and thus be able to find places to unload the goods. “To prevent the company from having significant economic losses, it is key that it has tracking technology that protects its fleet and allows it to detect the presence of suspicious activity,” Trejos explained.

Protection measures

Companies that carry out ground transportation of merchandise should consider the following safety recommendations provided by the Detektor manager:

1. Train drivers on road safety so they know how to react in an emergency.

2. Identify the routes with the highest risk of theft and thus try to avoid them or change them for safer ones.

3. The design of safer routes includes the planning of authorized stops, refueling at safe points and possible route detours.

4. Have GPS services and satellite tracking to be able to locate and maintain contact with the fleet.

5. Maintain the confidentiality of the value of the merchandise that is transported.

6. Advise drivers not to stop in unsafe or unauthorized places, always preferring the rest areas established for them.

7. Prevent people outside the work of the company from getting into the vehicle during the journey.

8. Implement instant alerts such as panic buttons that allow you to report any strange event that occurs during the trip and help the driver in case of risk.

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