Technician who chased a referee and hit a journalist in a children's soccer match in Sincelejo resigned

Technician who chased a referee and hit a journalist in a children’s soccer match in Sincelejo resigned

Technician who chased the referee.

The DT of “Golden Dreams” did not agree with an arbitration decision and got out of boxes.

News Sincelejo.

In a soccer game of the National Schools Tournament held in the capital of Sucre, the technical director of a children’s team behaved in ways that have been rejected by the sports community.

Geovanny Carreño, coach of the Sueños Dorados team, attacked the central judge of the match that his team played against Quinta Oriental.

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Apparently, the technician of the yellow team with blue, was not satisfied with the arbitration performance and undertook it against the whistle.

He chased him around the field with apparent intentions of attacking him.

In the middle of the tour, a journalist from Cúcuta Deportes, Carlos HOR, was attacked by the furious coach. The communicator asked the DT for calm, but he hit his camera with a punch.

Journalist who was assaulted by a coach.

Through a statement, the directors of the children’s club Golden DreamsThey announced that Professor Geovany Carreño was no longer going as a technician for the Antioquia team.

Golden dreams, official statement.

The team announced that it is looking for a new coach and wished the outgoing DT luck: “We wish him success in his next projects,” he adds.

It was learned that Carreño apparently had a history of this type of behavior that tarnishes the sporting spectacle and undermines the values ​​and principles of young soccer players who are still in training.

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