Fifth withdrawal pressures the government on two sides: today the Chamber votes on the Legislative and Executive bill

Fifth withdrawal pressures the government on two sides: today the Chamber votes on the Legislative and Executive bill

Key hours are lived for the first great battle of the government of the President, Gabriel Boric. This, since at about 3:00 p.m., the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies will vote on the project of the fifth “free disposal” retirement promoted by the parliamentarians and the initiative of the Executive that seeks a “limited retirement” and the panorama of the vote is still uncertain.

As established ThirdIn the midst of this environment, the Executive has used extreme resources to achieve 93 votes against the parliamentarians’ project and 78 votes for the alternative initiative promoted by the ruling party.

Not only will the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, attend the instance in Valparaíso, but also the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, and the Minister of Labor, Jeannette Jara, who have been the visible faces of the government’s rejection of the “free disposal” measure, so much so that the Executive itself summoned these ministers to contact the presidents and heads of party benches to fine-tune the details of the vote.

The scenario is still uncertain and for this reason, from the early hours of Sunday, various government accounts were activated on social networks to defend the “Responsible Alternative to the Fifth Retirement” project and report on the risks of increasing inflation. . In fact, the Minister of Labor, Jeannette Jara, declared on Channel 13 that the parliamentary proposal was not so universal, since there are people who do not have balances in their pension funds.

“We would have wanted there to be no withdrawals from the beginning, the issue is that, on the other hand, it is the role of a government to listen to the people. As a ruling party, we hope that the initiative of the fifth broad withdrawal will be rejected,” he said.

As established Third, despite all the efforts of the government, the situation is adverse, since preliminary calculations indicate that it is not certain that the 93 votes needed by the initiative of the fifth “freely available” withdrawal presented by parliamentarians will not be reached. In fact, from the ruling party, they point out that there is a risk that at the time of the vote, the votes to approve the measure will be enough to endorse the project.

Among those who will reject the parliamentary motion is the Broad Front caucus leader, Gonzalo Winter, who has already assured that 20 FA deputies will reject the parliamentary proposal that will be voted on in general today. For her part, deputy Karol Cariola confirmed that the PC, FREVS and independent caucuses will support the government. “We will reject the constitutional reform. At least the majority of us will support the government, it is a bench agreement and if there is a different vote, I do not know,” Cariola said.

But within the ruling party they are not all aligned. This is the case of Democratic Socialism, a bloc that integrates the PS, PPD and PR, since neither the presidents nor the heads of party caucuses have managed to order their parliamentarians. In this way, it is expected that 13 deputies of the community approve the “free disposal” measure.

In the PPD, only one of its nine deputies has openly shown his rejection of the project. This was announced by Helia Molina through her social networks, emphasizing that “approving the fifth withdrawal would be the greatest victory of the right, it is a bad policy to use pension savings again.”

The head of the bench of the PPD deputies, Carolina Marzán, announced that within the bench there are different positions.

“Today the bench is in different positions, as is my case, some of us will approve both initiatives, both the parliamentary one and that of the government, and in the case of other parliamentarians, they will approve only one of the two initiatives,” he said.

In the Christian Democracy they predict that only two parliamentarians will reject the fifth withdrawal: Eric Aedo and Alberto Undurraga. “Majority of the bench will vote in favor of the fifth withdrawal, there are some who will abstain, but that will be defined tomorrow,” said Aedo.

From the opposition, the UDI set a condition to reject the “free disposal” project promoted by parliamentarians. “While the government does not guarantee us the ownership of the pension funds, both current and future, as a bench we have agreed to declare ourselves in reflection regarding the vote on the fifth withdrawal project,” said UDI deputy Gustavo Benavente.

In any case, within the party, 23 would be the deputies in favor of the 10% withdrawal if the Executive does not meet the imposed conditions. The same thing that happens with Renovación Nacional, as stated by the deputy and caucus leader, Andrés Longton.

“In the caucus there may be more than 20 votes in favor of the withdrawal if the government does not present the reform that ensures that the ownership of the funds belongs to the workers. If you file it tomorrow, there could be more against it,” he said.

From Evópoli, they advanced that there are two votes in favor of the parliamentary project and two against, which would be subject to change if the government’s commitment is fulfilled. “We have been talking with the minister throughout the week and now we are waiting for the project to see if it satisfies us or not,” concluded the leader and deputy, Francisco Undurraga.

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