Technical Communication Tables are deployed to serve the people in Lídice

Technical Communication Tables are deployed to serve the people in Lídice

This Friday, the president of CANTV, M/G Jesús Aldana Quintero, was present in the Altos de Lídice Commune, giving answers, together with the Technical Communication Tables, to solve the problems raised in fixed and cellular telephony, through of the 1×10 of the Good Government.

Quintero pointed out that together with the People’s Power and the Technical Committees of Communications of the sector, they made a balance of the works carried out this Thursday, and those continued this Friday.

“I am very happy with the integration achieved between the institution that I preside over and the People’s Power organized in this Commune, always complying with the instructions of our president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, to apply the 1×10 methodology, guided by the Map of Solutions and the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) in the telecommunications sector”, he said.

On the other hand, the official pointed out that coordination was carried out with the different mobile telephony communication operators, in order to improve the provision of the cellular signal service.

In relation to the internet and landline service, he stated that “we have been working from the La Pastora central to each of the homes that make up this community, verifying possible faults in the wiring, up to the Altos de Lídice.

Finally, he commented that together with the Technical Tables, they are sharing information to review and repair the 1,138 breakdowns, provide a better service and improve interaction between the community and CANTV. For this, a Training Plan was designed for the technical roundtables, which include issues such as what communications are, their security issues and the use of applications to have the non-face-to-face channel active with CANTV.


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