'Tears of blood' moves the networks to free rapper Maykel Castillo 'Osorbo'

‘Tears of blood’ moves the networks to free rapper Maykel Castillo ‘Osorbo’

(EFE) .- The Cuban singer Descemer Bueno, who has just launched Tears of blood, a song written with Maykel Osorbo, imprisoned in Cuba since May 2021, he told Efe that the Cuban government is making the rapper pay for the success of Homeland and Life, winner of the Latin Grammy for Song of the Year.

“The song was sent to me by Maykel some time ago, before going to jail. For me it is a priority to bring up this issue now, to which I had to put my voice,” Bueno told Efe in an interview.

The issue, which already has more than 170,000 views on YouTube, serves as a campaign for the release of Osorbo, who is “seriously ill” in prison, Bueno said.

“Maykel is going through a super difficult time, he is very ill. I do not dare to give details but I do say that we have been coordinating with (the organization) Prisoners Defenders efforts to get him out of jail,” he added.

The song alternates a lyrical entry in English in the voice of the Cuban-American actress and singer Isabella Castillo with fragments in Spanish written by Bueno and the rapper voice of Osorbo

According to Bueno, who has a 25-year artistic career as a composer and performer of various genres ranging from bolero to reggaeton, no effort to get the rapper out of jail “has paid off.”

“The only thing Maykel wants right now is this song, which is truly his song,” Bueno said in Miami shortly before leaving for Madrid. According to Well, Tears of blood is a subject that until the moment of being published in YouTube at the beginning of this month of January was “totally unpublished”.

The song alternates a lyrical entry in English in the voice of the Cuban-American actress and singer Isabella Castillo with fragments in Spanish written by Bueno and the rapper voice of Osorbo.

The subject is mounted on archival graphics, many in black and white that according to the description of the audiovisual itself “speak to the conscience of a people who have suffered the oppression of the dictatorial regime for 62 years and who today are in one of the episodes most critical “.

“We are giving this promo very hard through YouTube, people are reacting very well, I am very happy to continue sending this type of message to see if we can put an end to this ‘black spring’ that has left us with this false hope that it was the revolution for the Cuban people, “emphasized Bueno.

“The first time we released the video they didn’t let us do any kind of promotion, and promotion is very important for this type of song,” he says about a first version of the video clip that Google didn’t accept.

“I had very strong images of shootings that actually existed and Google did not allow these images to pass.”

“It had very strong images of executions that really existed and Google did not allow these images to pass. I do not think that it was only banned at the promotional level, but it was quite difficult to access the video through the metadata”, explains the artist.

“By cutting these images we have succeeded, we are not going to stop with this, I am very happy,” he added, noting that they are going to make more versions “to maintain that force on the networks, versions where other artists continue to contribute,” he said.

Well, who participated in the famous theme Dancing along with Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona, said about the participation in the video of Tears of blood by Isabella Castillo, who sings in English and Spanish: “She is an excellent actress who has more than a million followers on her networks, but that does not stop making her a very simple person.”

“YouTube allows us to do these things, so that people know what is happening with Maykel, and not only with him, but with many political prisoners. There are only 800 since 11J, there are minors,” said the composer.

For Bueno, something important about the video clip is “to be able to reach the public in English, so that people are updated with what is happening in Cuba.”

“I think that in the case of Maykel, the (Cuban) Government wants to give an example. It is furious with him because he won two Latin Grammys, and nothing more and nothing less than one of them is for Song of the Year,” says Bueno, another of the artists of Homeland and Life, as well as the duo Gente de Zona, Yotuel Romero and the rapper “El Funky”.

“This matter (Homeland and Life) It is an opening of doors and windows to hope for the freedom of Cuba and that bothers them (the Government) a lot. Maykel entered the jail perfectly, now he is very ill. What they have done with him is murder, “he settled.

The dissident was taken to provisional prison in Havana accused of “disobedience, resistance and contempt,” according to the activist lawyers organization Cubalex. Several international organizations such as Freedom House, Cadal, PEN America and PEN International have come together to condemn the “arbitrary detention” last May of the Cuban musician and activist while supporting an international investigation.


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