Teachers of excellence showed quality in the contest

Teachers of excellence showed quality in the contest

Almost all of the graduates of the Excellence Teacher Training Program who participated in the Teaching Opposition Contest they passed the cognitive skills tests, with high marks, the interview and won a place to enter the public education system.

The professionals who graduated from this program showed much higher results than those who graduated from the old educational training program, but they face the situation that they have not been appointed. Of those from Intec, only one failed to pass the tests by one point.

These results imply other variables such as age (the majority are under 25), the universities that trained them, the monitoring received from the departments of the academies and the complexity or training program.

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The component of teaching practices also had an influence, which, if well executed, coupled with educational research, allows students to develop much better than in other programs.

Of those from the Salomé Ureña Teacher Training Institute (Isfodosu), 100% of those who applied with grades above 80 points passed. One group was unable to compete because they failed to complete their files.

The problem that has arisen is with regard to positions and appointments that have not just been notified by the Ministry of Education to those who passed with good grades

Despite the good grades with which they passed in Teaching Opposition contestsome of the Isfodosu graduates remained in the bank of eligible.

To the graduates of the program Teachers of Excellence They were allowed to participate in the contest due to the efforts of President Luis Abinader, since the commission that organized the process to select 19,181 new teachers for the public system had decided to leave them out.

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