Teachers' faction of Peru Libre: "The Cabinet has to be made up of professionals, with experience and brokers"

Teachers’ faction of Peru Libre: “The Cabinet has to be made up of professionals, with experience and brokers”

congressman spoke as a representative of the nine congressmen of the teachers’ faction of who met this Monday with the president in Government Palace. He explained that they addressed the new recomposition of the and called for it to be made up of “professionals, with experience, and brokers.”

We have given our support to the teachers’ block of congressmen. We have dealt with the issue of the new Cabinet, we have given the recommendations of the case to the president”, assured Gutiérrez to the media.

This time the Cabinet has to be made up of quite professional people, who have the necessary experience and, above all, who are brokers”, he added.

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The recomposition of the Council of Ministers was announced last Friday in the face of opposition to the appointment of Héctor Valer as the new chief of ministers. In this sense, the parliamentarian Paul Gutiérrez advanced that “the best cadres” must be sought in order to achieve governability.

We have to look for the best cadres, it is about governability, about the country, it is about the people who are, above all, in the corners that are farthest away from this government, above all, comply with that program that was given during the campaign [electoral]”, he pointed.

However, the legislator assured that during his appointment with the head of state no recommendation or name in particular was given. “We have had a general conversation”, he highlighted.

It will depend on the president [a quiénes elige para conformar el Gabinete Ministerial]it can be up to any teacher, but that is the decision of the President of the Republic”, he clarified.


We spoke with the teacher’s leader of Cusco, Ernesto Meza Tica, about who Katy Ugarte is, congresswoman and still Minister of Women.

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