Teacher's Day: minister highlights government appreciation actions

Teacher’s Day: minister highlights government appreciation actions

The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, said today (17) that one of the lessons that the covid-19 pandemic has brought is the essential role of the teacher in the educational process. “The more we are at the beginning of our educational journey, the more important the role of the teacher is”, said the minister, in an interview with the program The Voice of Brazil this monday.Teacher's Day: minister highlights government appreciation actions

The Ministry of Education (MEC) readjusted by 33.23% the salary floor for teachers in the public basic education network. In this way, the minimum wage for this category goes from R$ 2,886.24 to R$ 3,845.43, applied to professionals working in the teaching of public basic education, linked to early childhood, elementary and middle education institutions of the federal, state and municipality, who work 40 hours per week.

“We have to recognize the work done by the teachers. Even with schools closed, many of them went to their homes, made a personal effort to reinvent themselves at a very fast speed”, highlighted the minister, when congratulating the category on Teacher’s Day, celebrated last Saturday (15). According to the minister, the role of the ministry is to assist these professionals in this process of computerization of education, with information and training.

The minister says that the ministry has worked on both initial teacher training and continuing education. “We made a series of revisions in our courses available to teachers, bringing other types of courses that were not available, such as financial education, use of technology in the classroom, the psychosocial reception of students”, said Godoy.

The MEC makes available on the platform Avamec, 73 free training courses for teachers. According to the minister, about one million people took the course aimed at literacy teachers.

“Our role in the Ministry of Education is how to make this digital transformation of Brazilian education, bringing options in the classroom. So we made agreements with Microsoft, with Google, to bring teaching platforms to the public network. We also signed this month to include computational thinking in the student curriculum. This is critical. From the first year of elementary school, the student will have contact with the knowledge for computational thinking, for this digital world that we live in today”, highlighted the minister.

Brazil at School

The minister also mentioned in the interview the Brazil at School Program, which has actions and investments of resources in the promotion of various events in schools “We have several events happening today, internal Olympics, where the family participates, citizen project, there are several MEC initiatives, with financial support for states and municipalities, promoting these events and bringing the family and the local community closer to the students”.

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