Deputy Barrera for possible presidency of Cariola: “We trust that we will have 78 votes, however, we are trying to ensure the largest number”

Both the head of the caucus of deputies of the Socialist Party (PS), Mark Ilabacaas the leader of the Communist Party (PC), Boris Barrierindicated that they are managing to reach 78 votes in order to support Karol Cariola (PC) as the new president of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies.

“We are confident that we are going to have the 78 votes, however, we are trying to secure as many votes as possible, because we do not want to be fair, we do not want someone to get sick at the last minute or have a taco on the trip from journey,” Barrera said. This in the face of the apprehensions that exist regarding Cariola assuming the presidency and something that has been called into question in recent weeks.

The vote will take place next Monday, even though not all parliamentarians will be present. However, the PC deputy pointed out that they have contemplated this and that they already have committed votes.

Adding that for this Tuesday there is a meeting between the committee heads of the Communist Party, Democratic Socialism, Approve Dignity and the People’s Party (PDG), to dispel any doubts about it.

However, from the PDG and Chile Vamos they would be looking for another face to preside over the Chamber and would like to alternate the presidencies of the commissions, to which Barrera pointed out it would be illegal to seek an alternation.

“Until the moment we continue to be part of an administrative agreement, soon we will be able to meet and see what was really happening and if the rumors are indeed true. If there are the votes to stay, if there is any proposal for changes in the periods of the presidency,” said the head of the PDG caucus, Yovana Ahumada.

From the opposition, the deputy Jose Miguel Castro (RN), pointed out that “the issue is not Karol Cariola as a person, but rather the old ideology and everything that a communist entails at the table (…) I think they are the expectations not only of the parliamentarians, but also of citizenship, to be able to have the most focused balances in all its institutions”.

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