The ADP visited the National Congress to demand a salary increase for retired and retired teachers

Teachers continue to fight for pension increases

The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) gathered pensioned and retired teachers yesterday in front of the National Congress and asked legislators to intercede with the Executive Power, with separate resolutions, so that the minimum salary of that teaching sector be increased to RD$50,000 per month. .

The petition is contained in separate communications addressed to the presidents of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, and the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco.

The ADP visited the National Congress to demand a salary increase for retired and retired teachers

The communications are signed by Eduardo Hidalgo, president of the ADP; Ángel Cuello, secretary of Records and Miguel Ángel Fernández, secretary of attention to retirees and pensioners, who led the demonstration in front of Congress.

“The National Congress knows that the Dominican State is the guarantor of fundamental rights such as health and social security,” the letter states.

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It indicates that the Constitution of the Republic states that “everyone has the right to social security. The State will encourage the progressive development of social security to ensure universal access to adequate protection in sickness, disability, unemployment and old age.

“We ask the senators and deputies to take a look at the living and health conditions of public servants who, during their active age, literate and professionalized the current public and private officials of the country, including congressmen so that, in their condition As legislators, work in favor of our fundamental rights, for our right to well-being”, the protesters expressed.

They indicated that there are pensioned and retired teachers, especially those retirees charged to the Ministry of Finance, with precarious living conditions, such as not having health insurance or having it with insufficient services and medicines.

They specify that they suffer salary limitations in the midst of accumulated inflation and that some of the retirees lack homes.

“Many pensions are below the cost of the basic basket,” the ADP leaders specified.

The claim of the ADP

The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) demands that the Ministry of Finance assume 75 percent of the payment of the survival insurance to all pensioned and retired teachers of the national education system, freeing the teacher pension from this burden to improve the net income of The beneficiaries.

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