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Students will be able to download from the IMPO for free


The National Directorate of Official Impressions and Publications (IMPO) temporarily made available the download of legal codes from the Virtual Library.

Its director, Fernando Abellá, pointed out that the measure was resolved to encourage and support university students who cannot access these publications for economic reasons.

This is the second edition of this initiative. The publications available are the Penal Code, the Childhood and Adolescence Code, the Civil Code, the General Process Code, the Water Code, the Customs Code, the Criminal Code, the Rural Code, and the Tax and Commerce Codes.

In another order, he highlighted the increase in queries received by the site Web of the organism. In 2016, when the official newspaper began to be fully digital, it received approximately 7 million visits. In 2022, the number rose to 17 million. In the section Data bankwhere the national regulations are found, visits went from almost 4 million in 2016 to more than 14 million in 2022.

In the last year, the most consulted regulations were Laws No. 19,889 (Urgent Consideration), No. 16,060 (Commercial Companies) and No. 19,924 (National Budget).

According to the hierarch, the increase in queries is due to the actions that the agency has implemented to add value to the database. In this sense, he highlighted the constant updating that allows users to access current texts and the incorporation of a database of court rulings. Likewise, he informed that it is intended to add the judgments of the Contentious Administrative Court (TCA) and information on legislative procedures.

He also recalled that in 2021 an agreement was signed with the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) to exchange work experiences. In addition, work is carried out with artificial intelligence regarding the Citizen Language program, which seeks to translate national regulations into expressions that are easily understandable by a wide audience.


Decentralization of official information


Abellá also reported that throughout the country the objective is to “decentralize official information.” The hierarch explained that IMPO makes tools available to departmental governments to disseminate “important issues for citizens.” In this sense, he highlighted the work to generate materials that raise awareness about issues of local relevance and make the regulations understandable.

As an example, he pointed out that on Friday the 17th he visited some environmental undertakings in the department of Flores, together with the mayor Fernando Echeverría and other local authorities.

“In addition to the program, it seems very important to us to have a presence, to reach the different territories. Also for our own tasks, to make rights known and to bring regulatory information closer to citizens, ”he explained. According to him, he said, the tours allow to notice the reality of each department “in order to be able to go in the best way and provide the tools that really allow a real access” to the information.


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