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Tax justice seeks that those who have more contribute more: Petro

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President Petro details his proposal on pension changes

President Gustavo Petro pointed out that the approval in the first debate of the Tax Reform bill is a concrete step in the goal of the Government of Change to achieve a fair tax system and a model of sustainable development in Colombia.

(The Government insists: no new oil exploration will be promoted).

The Head of State explained, through his Twitter account, that in this way progress is being made in the search for what he called ‘tax justice’.

“Advancing towards a sustainable development model and creating a fair taxation system, where those who have the most are the ones who pay the most, are the objectives of the reform that we present”, explained the Head of State.

(The taxes that the tributary brings: Minhacienda explains the project).

He also thanked the members of the constitutional economic commissions, the Third, for the approval of the articles of the reform in the first debate.

The 96 articles of the Tax Reform bill were approved in blocksin the Congress of the Republic, after nine hours of discussion within the Joint Third Constitutional Commissions.

(This is how the collection goals for the tax reform remained).

The Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, indicated that with the tax reform, $22 billion will be collected, as a goal, which will be used for the social investment that the country requires.

He pointed out that the mining-energy sector will be the majority contributor of resourceswith an estimated $9 billion.


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