Tatán Mejía and Maleja Restrepo are making their debut: they put their fingerprints on their new house

The former participant MasterChef Celebrity, Tatan Mejia and your partner Maleja Restrepo, They showed a couple of days ago how the first night in their new house was, because according to some interviews given by the Colombian athletehe and his family always dreamed of have a country house and thanks to the effort and dedication of the two celebrities, their dream is already coming true.

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According to the clips shared by both Maleja and Tatán, the place still needs some adjustments and repairs, but even with this, they already feel happy and happy in their property or at least they showed it this weekend when the Mejía Restrepo family came together to literally leave their mark on the house.

The clip shared by Maleja Restrepo shows how her two little daughters Macarena and Guadalupe they put their hands on the fresh concrete mixture that was at the entrance of their house, this to leave the traces of their extremities. Later, the presenter of ‘Hard against the wall’ do the same operation, followed in the same way by her husband, Tatán Mejía.

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At the end of the scene you can see how the four hands were engraved in the concretea video that Maleja Restrepo accompanied by the emotional phrase: “Our home; the place you always want to go to, the one that heals everything and the one that we continue to build with 8 hands”.

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