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Havana Cuba. – Seriously, with a penetrating look, the journalist Oliver Zamora commented months ago: “The blow of character that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping gave at the table made President Biden tremble, who will avoid at all costs that the spokeswoman for the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, visit Taiwan. This shows that China is the first world power.”

The communicator who expressed himself so confidently on the stellar Sunday newscast of Cuban Television did not flinch. Much to her regret, the conflict in question ended with the Yankee official landing in Taipei.

Throughout history other political observers have marked the Cuban public. At the beginning of the Six-Day War between the Arabs and Israelis, the political analyst for Cuban Television was a 60-year-old man with glasses and the last name Wanguemert, who also stammered. This man, elegant and bald, predicted: “it will be a short war that the Arabs will not win.” His comment was accompanied by images of war tanks moving through the sands of a desert.

Other remembered analysts are Pablo Alfonso or Eduardo Dimas, who, through Radio Martí or on government radio and television programs, made their analyses. Because the ideological position of the analyst does not matter if he is cultured, informed and courageous. Otherwise, he would be a cobbler, a jungle lawyer, a shyster, a blacksmith with a wooden knife, or a tamarind analyst.

In Cuba, any mediocre or faint-hearted clerk, journalism graduate, or with an intensive workshop on the battle of ideas, is turned into a political analyst. Oliver Zamora has that responsibility on the Sunday TV news. It is not an isolated case. He is a “sample button” of a brotherhood capable of twisting a fact to benefit its patrons from the communist ideological department.

Diana Valido’s analytical bleats about the Syrian tyranny and Bashar Al-Assad are an example. They show that these communicators have turned their backs on the global reality and the Cuban reality in particular. Thus, while the “insular parliamentarians” intertwine lies, omit facts and recycle promises about the prosperity of the country, these “tamarinderos” wear and tear their clothes without delving into the facts; whether it be praising other dictatorships, or commenting that the Nazi Ukraine invaded Russia, or that Pedro Castillo in Peru he is the savior of the new Inca Empire.

Other specimens of this fauna are Jorge Legañoa and Cristina Escobar, a couple of commentators who have their forte in external scenarios and speak with affected conviction of the most incredible topics. Legañoa, or “deceit-a” ―as it is called Juan Gonzalez Febles―, has a film program called “Only the truth”. It is no coincidence that little or nothing is said about cinema. hoax-a he was ecstatic commenting on American films critical of his society. However, would he be willing to talk about films critical of the insular reality, and also censored, like Vincent B. either Santa and Andrew? Or to comment on the interruption and censorship of the Youth Film Festival?

Cristina Escobar, for her part, had the opportunity to be a teacher in the United Kingdom, and she takes advantage of it to defend her namesake, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. According to the chronicler, the former president of Argentina is the victim of a judicial mafia, and in her argument she does not miss an opportunity to attack the division of powers, so important in democracy. However, what prohibits Escobar from talking about political prisoners like Saily Navarro or Sissi Abascal, unjustly convicted for denouncing the serious problems of the Cuban nation? Why and for what do these analysts move away to other realities, if the problems are very close?

In the midst of a V Plenum of the Communist Party of Cuba full of absurdities, such as the 86 ideological measures so that young people do not flee Cuba, Oliver Zamora returned to his privileges. He noted that the new global leader – supposedly China – prevailed during his visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, being hailed as the world’s new emperor.

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