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Talented baseball players from Team Cuba are excluded from the Championship in Mexico

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban sports authorities excluded talented players from the Cuba Team that traveled to Mexico this Thursday to participate in the U-23 Pan American Baseball Championship, which will take place from the 10th to the 19th of this month in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The players excluded were the outfielder from Pinar del Río Roidel Martínez; Pedro Pablo Revilla from Guantanamo, home run leader in the 61st National Baseball Series; and the pitchers industrialist Andy Vargas and Eric C. González from Sancti Spiritus.

After criticism from the fans and controversies unleashed on social networks, the methodologist of the National Baseball Commission, Roberto Gonzalez Bonachea, explained to the officer HIT the alleged reasons for the exclusion of these players.

Regarding the case of Roidel Martínez, he argued that the outfielder from Granma, Jesús Venecia, had a very good playoff, and according to the quality of the connections and the production of hits, it was decided that he should replace the Pinar del Rio player.

As for Pedro Pablo Revilla, he explained that being a strong hitter and one of the leaders in Cuba, they preferred to reserve him for the World Championship next October in Chinese Taipei.

“Together with the technical commission and the colleagues we serve in the category, we did a check-up throughout the National Series, and Andy Vargas and Eric C. González had a good start, but when it was over, Andy fundamentally had a drop in his performance and the power of his pitches,” he said about pitchers.

Roidel Martínez: “I want to ask for leave and not play more ball”

His exclusion from the team, one of the biggest surprises for the fans and for the player himself due to his talent, has led him to want to “ask for the withdrawal and not play more ball.”

According to declared Martínez told journalist Osbel Benítez Polo, he was called to an office with all the coaches, where they told him: “We have seen, we have talked, and you cannot be on the team.”

After asking the reasons, he only received the answer: “It’s that you can’t be, you can’t be, we decided that you can’t be.”

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“They didn’t tell me anything. No one told me that I couldn’t be there because I did something wrong or because such a thing is said. No, they didn’t tell me anything, just that I wasn’t on the team because they decided I wasn’t, period,” the player specified.

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