Taiana: "We will recover the Malvinas hand in hand with the support of the region”

Taiana: "We will recover the Malvinas hand in hand with the support of the region”

Taiana awards Diploma of Honor to former Malvinas combatants (Photo Capture Screen)

Defense Minister Jorge Taiana trusted that Argentina will recover the Malvinas, Sandwich and South Georgia Islands and their surrounding maritime spaces with the “support” of Latin America and stressed that the fact that since 1833 the claim of sovereignty is a “state policy”.

“We are going to recover the Malvinas hand in hand with the support of the region, of Latin America, because everyone is going to understand that the British presence emphasizes the usurpation of natural resources,” he assured.

In this sense, Taiana ironically: “In these seas that are so complicated, so full of pirates, it is always better to navigate accompanied”.

“Without patriotism there will be no recovery of Malvinas”, added the minister and considered “a shame that a power with that privileged position of veto power in the UN Security Council does not agree to respect international law and refuses to comply with the request of the United Nations to sit down to discuss sovereignty over the islands”.

Taiana noted that “no Argentine government of any political color has ever recognized the legitimacy of this usurpation,” from “the claim made by the government of Brigadier General Juan Manuel de Rosas to the present.”

The minister formulated these concepts during a tribute what was done to ten award-winning military veterans for his performance in the Falklands War, 40 years ago.

“You are a living example of the struggle in defense of the homeland. They remind us of the obligation we have to all those who remained there. They fought bravely for the country and gave everything,” he said.

Taiana added that “this It is not a fight that began in 1982, but in January 1833when a foreign power usurped the islands”.

The event was organized by the Vice President of the Senate Defense Committeethe radical legislator for La Rioja, Julio Martínez.

Martínez took advantage of the meeting, which was held in the Congress Hall of the Provinces, to thank the minister for his presence.

The legislator pointed out that you cannot “have political colors or differences when it comes to remembering our heroes” and assured: “We have faith and hope that we will recover the Falklands“.

The ten decorated veterans who on Friday received the Diploma of Honor of the Honorable Senate of the Nation they were the retired colonels Daniel Esteban and Horacio Sánchez Mariño; ex-conscript Oscar Poltronieri; Rear Admiral Carlos Castro Madero, survivor of the General Belgrano Cruiser; the captain of the ship Roberto Ulloa; the senior siuboficial Carlos Sini; Brigadiers Ruben Norberto Dimeglio and Ernesto Ureta; Major Petty Officer Mario Rodríguez and Commander General José Spadaro.

In addition to Taiana and Martínez, there were the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense, Jorge Massei; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant General Juan Martín Paleo; and the heads of the joint chiefs of staff of the Army, Major General Guillermo Pereda; of the NavyAdmiral Julio Guardia; of the Air Force, Brigadier General Xavier Isaac; and Commander General Guillermo Danielo, Director of Personnel of Gendarmerie.

In addition, senators Daniel Kroneberger, Pablo Blanco and Clara Vega, deputy Aldo Leiva and the former Minister of Defense of the Nation, Horacio Jaunarena.

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