Sister of Political Prisoner Bryan Alemán Surrenders to U.S. Immigration Seeking Political Asylum

Sister of Political Prisoner Bryan Alemán Surrenders to U.S. Immigration Seeking Political Asylum

the opponent Grehts Isayana German, 25 years old, sister of the political prisoner Bryan Kesler Alemán, turned herself in to the United States Immigration authorities to request political asylum, she informed Article 66 his family.

Hanzi Alemán, sister of the journalism student, said that the young woman left Nicaragua on February 22 and arrived on US soil on April 3. «My sister passed through Ciudad Acuña and entered the United States through the Rio Grande; the last thing she told us was that she had already crossed the river and entered the United States », she declared.

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According to the relative of the former entrenched in the extinct Nicaraguan Polytechnic University (UPOLI), Alemán is detained in one of the US prisons, where they believe she will carry out the process to request political asylum.

“We are afraid that Grehts (German) will be deported to Nicaragua, that would not be good for her because it is certain that arriving in the country she will be detained. Because of her participation in the protests, she was harassed by Sandinistas from the neighborhood and she was continually threatened with jail”, stated Hanzi Alemán.

Sister of political prisoner Bryan Alemán surrenders to US migration in search of political asylum. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

The also opponent of Daniel Ortega’s regime told this media outlet that the situation for Grehts Alemán was untenable because his life was in danger. “It is unfortunate that my sister could not say goodbye to my brother -Bryan Alemán-, she visited him in prison, but now she had to make the difficult decision of exile,” she said.

They ask that she not be deported

The relatives of the young Nicaraguan ask the US authorities to grant her political asylum so that she can have the opportunity to have a new life.

“My sister is a good young woman, she cannot return to Nicaragua because she would be captured by the Police, only for having participated in the 2018 protests and having been entrenched together with my brother in the Upoli,” he said.

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Since the second capture suffered by the prisoner of conscience Bryan Alemán, his family has not stopped demanding his freedom, which has cost him siege and persecution.

Alemán was arrested again on August 14, 2020 and sentenced to 15 years in prison, for the crime of drug trafficking; He is currently being held captive in the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System, known as “La Modelo”, in Tipitapa. The last thing that is known about the political prisoner is that he has abdominal problems.

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