Taiana thanked the Army for its work during the pandemic

Taiana thanked the Army for its work during the pandemic

Taiana thanked the Army for its work during the pandemic, at the anniversary ceremony of its creation


Defense Minister, Jorge Taianahighlighted this Friday “support actions” deployed by Army troops during the coronavirus pandemic, pointing out that this allowed society to “make visible the importance of the work carried out” by this military force that achieved a “Closer contact with the people, in a feeling of unity and defense of the health of Argentines.”

Taiana made these statements while leading this morning the act in commemoration of the 212th anniversary of the creation of the Argentine Army, at the Military College of the Nation, located in the Buenos Aires town of El Palomar, where he was accompanied by the head of the Army, General of Guillermo Olegario Pereda Division.

Photo: Daniel Dabove

“The Army celebrates 212 years of existence, with a complex history like the Argentine history, with contradictions, clashes between brothers. Today the Army has an outstanding present and a future with important challenges to meet in the service of the homeland and society,” said Taiana.

In front of an imposing Argentine flag and before 350 guests, including several Malvinas war veterans, the minister highlighted the “performance of Army personnel in operations Belgrano I and II” to provide social assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo Daniel Dabove
Photo: Daniel Dabove

He especially mentioned the “unprecedented installation of two field hospitals and the actions to support the community that allowed society to make visible the importance of the work carried out by the Army today.”

“This allowed the Army to get closer, outside the regimental walls and come into closer contact with the people, in a feeling of unity and defense of the health of Argentines. A shared effort for a common goal,” she stressed.

In addition, he ratified the plan that he proposed as Minister of “substantially increase the number of volunteer soldiers” and so they can maintain “the roots of the territory close to their families.”

“The goal is to reach more than 28 thousand soldiers incorporated by the end of next year, which will be the highest in the last 25 years,” he explained.

Taiana celebrated that the Army is in a stage of “improvement, modernization and recovery of means” and ratified the efforts dedicated to “strengthening the salaries” of its members.

He also highlighted the importance of “deploying the Army throughout the national territory” by announcing the deployment of a military base in Catamarca “where today there is no Army presence” and reinforce what exists in Tierra del Fuego “a strategic area in many ways.”

Photo Daniel Dabove
Photo: Daniel Dabove

The head of the Army also highlighted that it is “a force that is the repository and continuator of the military traditions of the legacy of General San Martín and Manuel Belgrano, a modern force that stands out for the professional preparation of its members that allows it to handle multiple tasks in times of peace”.

At the beginning of the act, the symphonic group of the Military College sang the national anthem and the religious invocation and blessing of the awards to be granted were performed, after which distinctions were given to the personnel of the Army health system during Operations Belgrano I and II. , in which more than 60,000 men and women carried out various humanitarian assistance actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

He was also awarded the Bishop Santiago Olivera for leading in November 2019 the repatriation of the image of the Virgin of Luján that accompanied the troops during the Malvinas war conflict of 1982 and distinguished the members of the three Armed Forces.

The trained personnel wore new uniforms acquired through financing from the National Defense Fund (FONDEF) and made in national textile workshops.

At the end of the act, a military parade was held led by the war veterans of the Malvinas Islands who are still active.

Present at this celebration were the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Juan Martín Paleo, the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, Brigadier Major Xavier Julián Isaac, the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral Julio Horacio Guardia, the authorities of the Ministry of Defense, active and retired generals, brigadiers and admirals, and accredited foreign military personnel.

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