Tacna: With the descent of the "Julio Tata" the carnival party begins

Tacna: With the descent of the “Julio Tata” the carnival party begins

The carnival festival began today in the Tarucachi district, in Tacna, with the descent of “Julio Tata”, known as the Carnival Saint. The image of the patron was decorated with streamers, candles and incense. Then it was transferred to the town square to the sound of music.

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The butler of the Tarucachi church, Bartolomé Ale Ramos (79), explains that on this day the alferados come with the banner of singles and marrieds. First they light candles, place flowers and incense. Then he sets his table and toasts the carnival and there is a procession throughout the square.

Single and married alferados lead the dance after the descent. (Photo: Mallku Tarata)

patron saint of carnivals

The residents, generous and grateful, bring chicha de guiñapo which is shared among all. “It begins today on Carnival Sunday, the custom here is to celebrate the whole week, it ends on Temptation Sunday. ‘Julio Tata’ is the patron saint of carnivals, I think that before people would speak more Aymara, that’s why they call him ‘Julio Tata’, sir, patron saint of carnivals”. explained.

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The wifala is a customary dance that is danced with the bachelor and married flag, accompanied by the pinquillo and charango. Couples dance with their colorful “huichi-huichi”, sometimes embedded with a quince. The women wear their white blouses and red skirts. Formerly they wore baize suits, woven with sheep’s wool.

Julio Tata is decorated with a serpentine and other presents.  (Mallku Tarata)

Julio Tata is decorated with a serpentine and other presents. (Mallku Tarata)

party all week

Tradition mandates that there be a flag of married flag and one of flag of singles. The spouse of married couples 2023 is Mr. Ernesto Ninaja Vargas and Mrs. Mery Albina Ale Ale.

They are in charge of animating the party. After the descent of Tata Julio in the afternoon they visit the authorities and from Monday they go out to visit the whole town until Thursday. They go from house to house and receive attention with chicha or beer, also with food. They are given potatoes, corn, or lately a “little gift” consisting of money. On Friday they rest and on Saturday and Sunday the party ends with Temptation Sunday.

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