DR-NY Consulate opens satellite office in Brooklyn

DR-NY Consulate opens satellite office in Brooklyn

NEW YORK.- The Dominican consul in this city, Eligio Jáquez, inaugurated last weekend a satellite office in Brooklyn County, where more than 180 thousand quisqueyans reside.

The new office is located at 2981 Fulton Street, near the Cleveland J train stop, and will be open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, under the direction of Rolando Machado and the supervision of Rafael Salazar.

Consul Jáquez pointed out that now the Dominicans in Brooklyn and neighboring areas will be able to process their documents without having to go to the headquarters, at 1501 Broadway, in Manhattan (212) 768-2480, because they deserve that the government of President Luis Abinader provide them with the different services offered by the consular office.

«This office will be providing other services provided by the “National Housing Plan”; “Happy family”; “Senasa Health Insurance”; “State Retirement and Pensions Directorate”; “Customs”; “Intranet”; “Superior Electoral Court (TSE)”; “Pro-Dominican”; and the Institute for Dominicans Abroad (Index)»; manifested.

The location in Brooklyn will serve to carry out cultural activities and conferences for the benefit of the community that has always been working for the benefit of Dominicans residing in that area, Jáquez concluded by saying.

Currently, in addition to the central office, where more than 300 Dominicans go daily in search of different documents, including powers of attorney for $160 dollars, passports from $130 and over $200 dollars, among other documents, the consulate has several satellite offices in other places. .

Among them, in Upper Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island, Haverstraw, Connecticut, and now in Brooklyn. Apart from the mobile consulates that operate regularly in other places.

Also speaking at the event were Antonio Reynoso, county president; Fiordaliza Santos; the deputy Servia Iris Familia, the leaders of the PRM, Tomás Reyes, Fermín Álvarez and the community activist María Alcántara, president of the Juan Pablo Duarte Cultural House of Brooklyn, among others.

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