Tacna: Girl studies outside the FAZ school when not getting a vacancy

Tacna: Girl studies outside the FAZ school when not getting a vacancy

With the school sweatshirt and her notebooks, a six-year-old girl and her mother had to review their lessons at the school gate (FAZ), in Tacna, as a protest because they did not give him a vacancy for the .

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Kimberly Poma Coarite He explained that through the Digital Registration he registered his daughter but due to technical problems with the account and password he could not complete the procedures. She contacted the Tacna Local Educational Management Unit (Ugel) and the Ministry of Education, but after a while they only offered her a place at the Jorge Martorell Flores Educational Institution.

Director of the FAZ Mauricio Vidal school reported that there is only one vacancy and it would be delivered by lottery. (Photo: Adrian Apaza)

They offer to raffle a vacancy

The villager approached the Francisco Antonio de Zela school today to insist on her request. “I have three older daughters who study at this campus, so my youngest daughter also belongs, since those who have siblings are a priority, I can’t pick up three daughters here and then go to Jorge Martorell, I wouldn’t have enough time”, argued the attorney.

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School principal, Mauricio Vidal Floresinformed her that a vacancy has been generated due to the transfer of a student, but that just like her there are two other parents who are looking for a place and also have daughters on campus, therefore a lottery. The three parents agreed that in any case two girls would be deprived of admission, who have a greater right than many of the 2,200 students who entered this year.

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