Tacna: Citizens crowd the Grau market to stock up on fish (VIDEO)

Tacna: Citizens crowd the Grau market to stock up on fish (VIDEO)

The population went massively to the Grau wholesale market to stock up on hydrobiological products, taking advantage of the large number and variety of marine species that entered the Tacneño market.

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According to information from the Regional Directorate of Production of Tacna an approximate of 80 tons They were unloaded in the main supply centers since Wednesday, prior to the busiest days due to the custom of eating sin during these Holy Week days.

This volume allowed the wrecks not to rise too much as it happened in previous years, recognized the merchants of the fish section of the “Grau”.

Species price

So the nice se offered at 4 soles, horse mackerel at 4, mackerel at 3, pejerrey at 10 and 15, sole at 40 soles, diamond at 13 soles, pintadilla at 10 soles, trout at 17 soles and corvina at 35 soles.

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In other species the egg cup was sold at 5 soles a “lot”, shrimp at 70 soles, squid at 7.00, crab at 2 units for 5 soles, mussel at 5 soles a dozen, clams at 10 soles a dozen, crab at 3 pieces for 10 soles soles and the “mixture” of shellfish without squid at 60 soles per kilo.


However, other housewives complained about the prices, pointing out that they were raising them taking advantage of the population’s attendance. They claimed to have come from “La Agronómica” where tuna and mackerel were at 3 soles and horse mackerel at 4 soles. They expected to find it at a lower price in this wholesale terminal.

quantity and variety

For her part, the leader of the fish section Sonia Machado He said that there was a good amount of products for which he does not believe that there will be an increase today Good Friday. He recalled that in other years the price rises because there is little production, but this time the good weather has allowed a greater extraction by the fishermen.

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