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It almost gives the bump. Guaireña drew 1-1 with the colossus Internacional and remains with chances in Group E of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2022.

The second date today found the traditional Colorado gaúcho and the pride of Villarrica in Porto Alegre.

Inter ran over from the start and the Paraguayan cast resisted skillfully, maintained order and brought danger when they could.

The superiority of the Brazilians was such that they took excessive confidence in going on the attack. Thus Guaireña found the spaces and the goal towards the end of the first half (41′) through Mario Otazú, who defined over the goalkeeper to silence Beira Río.

Inter started the complementary amid general booing from their own people, which with the ticking of the clock increased the nerves of the players. He turned the field towards the goal defended by Héctor Espínola and by the hour of play he had already accumulated a considerable number of situations starring Tyson, Liziero and the big man Wesley.

Bolivian referee Gery Vargas let a couple of infractions pass inside the albiceleste area that could well have ended in penalties.

Guaireña’s resistance came to an end at minute 76′ with an unfortunate action by its captain, Miguel Paniagua, who deflected a shot from Tyson to confuse Espínola. 1-1 and madness in the stands.

There were no more goals and Paraguayans and Brazilians sealed parity.

Result that smiles at Deportivo Independiente Medellín, who won 2-1 on October 9 and became the sole leader of the classification (4 points). Guaireña and Inter have 2 and close October 9, with 1.

For the third date, Guaireña will visit Ecuador from April 27 to October 9 and Inter will visit Colombian Deportivo Independiente Medellín a day earlier.

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